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who is hammerjack?


Outsource Service Solutions & Cloud Technology – hammerjack delivers better service for your customers, and better outcomes for your business.


Outsourcing expert

hammerjack is the outsourcing expert for when more hands are needed, or when time could be better spent elsewhere.


Boost your business

hammerjack can boost your business by embedding more efficient and adaptable processes, to enable peak performance.


Become more agile

Bring together two important tools: Your core competencies and ours. Your business will become more agile to compete in its competitive market.


We drive change

We drive the change your business needs, to lift the unnecessary weight away from you.



What we do

hammerjack is an Australian owned and operated outsource services provider, operating primarily out of Manila. We specialise in providing managed and supported outsource services for the Australian small and midsize business market.

Our solutions deliver high performance outcomes and are helping Australian businesses to leverage outsourcing and to get more out of their investment in the Philippines.  

We do this by combining the very best people, the smartest processes and latest technologies.  


Our experience

Our solutions and capability were born in the enterprise services space. Our founders and senior management team have more than 100 years of outsourcing experience.  

The team have established high performing operations in Australia and the Philippines for some of the largest brands in the world, including American Express, GE, AT&T, Telstra and Westpac bank.  


Our difference

Whilst most service providers in the small and midsize space specialise in providing resources, we specialise in delivering savings and measurable outcomes for our customers. Our delivery operations are based in the Manila and we leverage for full capability and highest level of skill that the Philippines has to offer.  

We provide an enterprise level approach to continuous improvement, high performance and quality and world class customer experience.  

Our ability to deliver this level of service across multiple lines of business and industry verticals, is a product of our investment in people, technology and the governance that sits behind every one of our services. 


hammerjack helps your business stay ahead

With the inevitability of change the only constant and disruption the new normal, hammerjack helps your business stay ahead.

Delivering efficient, useable, agile and tailored services, hammerjack’s benefit is in its seamless simplification of your processes.


want to know more?

Read through our FAQs for more information about hammerjack.