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We’ll do the tasks that have to get done, but aren’t the tasks you specialise in.


Make your core business your core focus. hammerjack will turn the average processes into a thing of the past, by moving it from your office to ours, and send efficiency through the roof.

Our services include:

  • Process / order validation: Match purchase orders to invoices for processing through to payments.
  • Account creation: Create new customers in your systems and to your high standards.
  • Data Entry: Processes such as entering forms into a CRM system or updating customer records
  • Service fulfillment: Validate and provision customer orders and set-up billing and payment preferences, following your processes and within your timeframes.
  • Transcription: Fast and accurate records of the important conversations you need.
  • Digitization: getting the services you need online and accessible at all times.

The weight off your shoulders

Taking that administrative burden off your shoulders means your business focus is firmly set on building your success. Put what you do best front and centre, improve the efficiency of non-core tasks so you can focus on what’s important.


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We have service models and pricing options to suit your business.