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Stop wasting time on messy books. Make hammerjack your bookkeeping partner and get numbers you can rely on.

Our bookkeeping packages were developed by Chartered Accountants with the Accountant in mind.


hammerjack follow best bookkeeping practice principles and harness automation capabilities of Xero and other technologies such as Receipt Bank to drive efficiency and accuracy.

Our working paper ensures that everything balances, leaving you and your team to spend time where it counts most for your customers.


  • No more end of year clean-up and time spent chasing information from your customers.
  • No time spent on figuring out balances, we’ve already done this and will provide an up to date working paper that already balances.
  • Changes, adjustments and instructions actioned fast and first time. You’ll be speaking with accountants after all.
  • Best practice workflows and processes, frequent and up to date reporting and ATO obligations met means more value for money for your customers.
  • Your time can be spent adding value and helping your customers grow their business.
  • Real-time access to customers’ source documents.

How it works

We start with a complete health check and clean-up of their accounts. This ensures records remain at a high level of quality that you would expect from your internal bookkeepers and accountants.

Our weekly reconciliation process means that at year end we provide you with a completed working paper, explaining figures and balances and provide numbers that you can rely on, meaning that your time is spent helping them grow their business.


Packages start from $250 per month

Specialized partner programs and pricing available for firms
of all sizes. Moving to advisory has never been an easier choice.


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