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business applications


Realise and fully utilise the tools you need to improve your day-to-day operations.


Managing projects, resources, employee engagement, collaboration and end-to-end system integration will transform the way you work. With efficient business applications you can run a smooth and successful operation that exceeds your customers’ expectations.

hammerjack will help you work smarter without any headaches by shaping the tools you need for your business.

Our services include:

  • Customer Relationship Management (Sales, Service, Marketing): Digital transformation from one workflow to an entire business operation
  • Social CRM / Social Media: Social engagement, insights and management all from one portal.
  • Field Service: Project and Resource Management – be organised, proactive and reliable in the experiences you provide.
  • Employee Engagement and Collaboration: Enhance how work is being performed using the tools available to employees to create more meaningful engagement.
  • Business Analytics: End-to-end insights into the performance of your business and identify where the opportunities are.
  • End-to-End System Integration Development: Agnostic solutions that work with your current way of doing business.
  • Third party system and software integration: Custom API development and bridging solutions to get the most out of what you have.

The tools you need

We’ll give you the tools you need to make your business work smarter from the top to your bottom line.


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