Leading integrated technology systems provider for the real estate industry, Agentbox, had been exploring its offshore outsourcing options in The Philippines for the past several years.

Ranked #1 provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technologies in the real estate market, Agentbox employees 65 staff and continues to expand.

Celebrating ten years in business this year, Agentbox was seeking an offshore outsourcing model that operated as an integrated extension of its Australian team, and Hammerjack’s Outsource Dedicated Staff offered the ideal solution.

An Improved Outsourcing Model

Agentbox Operations Manager, Lee Ayliff, heard about Hammerjack through a personal connection, and further investigation of the Hammerjack unique outsource staffing model instigated a move for Agentbox’s non-technical operations from its previous offshore outsourcing provider.

One of the main elements that appealed to Ayliff was Hammerjack’s fully managed staffing service, with personnel reporting directly both to him and the senior team at Hammerjack. This presented a noticeable difference from standard offshoring models, which require payment per seat, and then require the business in Australia to remotely manage the operation.

Hammerjack offered much more than that.

A Better Working Environment – and other staff advantages

One of the other main factors that set Hammerjack apart was its state-of-the-art facilities on the ground in Manila. With a much-improved working environment for local employees, Agentbox has noted the increases in productivity, employee happiness and reduction in complaints among its staffing team.

Agentbox also enjoys much greater visibility and transparency over the culture of their team, as well as the data – both of which offer increased control over operations and outcomes.

Other advantages Agentbox have witnessed with the Hammerjack model include:

  • A higher calibre of candidates and much improved recruitment process. Agentbox candidates undergo a 10-step process for recruitment.

  • Top-quality induction process to bring people on board involving forthright and clear staff expectations and immediate resolution of issues.

  • Comprehensive training programs, coaching and mentoring for staff

  • Skilled specialists that work across all client accounts – which Agentbox can tap into.

  • Greatly improved Human Resources (HR) and payroll services.

  • Obvious experience in running large-scale operations.

  • Affordable service and reasonable fees.

Risk Assurance

Like any organisational change, there can be hesitation with making the leap to a new provider. Ayliff’s main concern was that the continuity of service not be disrupted, however experienced no issues at all during the changeover – with a well-planned migration, supported by Hammerjack at every step of the way.

Hammerjack also found easily workable solutions to align contracts and amend HR policies specifically to suit Hammerjack requirements.

The Future of Outsourcing

The integration of its team in The Philippines has been so successful for Agentbox that this team now manages the onboarding of all new clients, as well as all technical and customer services from point of sale to a live system.

Utlising Hammerjack’s Outsource Dedicated Staff solution offers consistently high standards of service delivery to support Agentbox’s continuing growth and market domination.

When I heard about the outsourcing model Hammerjack was using, this instigated a move of our non-technical offshore staffing operations to Hammerjack’s fully managed staffing solution.

“Their extensive recruitment process has resulted in a much higher calibre of staff and their comprehensive training and induction programs are second to none. Their facilities in the Philippines offer an improved working environment, which means employees are happier and more productive.

“We now have much greater visibility over culture, not just data, which gives us increased control over operations and outcomes. These guys understand the offshoring ecosystem, my operational requirements and are a pleasure to work with.
— Lee Ayliff – Operations Manager, Agentbox
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