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Highly skilled resources, lower costs and higher productivity. Outsourcing and establishing capability offshore is a game changer for your business, when done right.

You’re in Control


Your dedicated people, your business processes, our experience


Up to 70% savings on staff costs and significant uplift in productivity and quality


Managed by you. Or, Managed for you. Service models that suit you and your business


Whether you are looking to outsource or offshore your business functions, or have already made the move, hammerjack has the experience and solutions to make your move a success and deliver that all-important return on investment

What's your business?



Just because it’s your business doesn’t mean you have to wear all the hats. Your size doesn’t mean you have to settle for lesser quality services either. hammerjack have developed service and tech solutions specifically with small businesses in mind.



For established businesses that are looking to take their operations, sales or customer service to the next level, our enterprise level managed services and tech solutions are shaped around your brand, your processes, your customer experience principals.



We were born in the corporate outsource service space and our management team have worked with some of the largest brands in the world. We harness the best people, the smartest processes and latest technologies to deliver the highest performance and quality outcomes.

We have been helping businesses to establish high performing teams both in Australia and the Philippines, for years. We have worked with some of the largest brands in the world and have taken that experience and applied it to two simple, proven service solutions.  


The difference in our service models is your level of day to day involvement and our experience in getting results, driving high performance and high quality from the Philippines. We’ll give you the options, the model you choose is up to you.

Your options

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We find the best skilled and experienced resources based on your tasks and functions.

Your culture, processes and expectations are transitioned and embedded by you and your team.

We provide training rooms and video link technology. You may want to visit and train your team yourself, no problem.  

Your dedicated team have their own space and the tools they need to do the job, including PC’s and enterprise software from Microsoft.

We provide attendance reporting and can will help and support you in managing the performance of your team.

Service levels are defined by you, achieved by your team and reported when you need.

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Your culture, processes and expectations are embedded. You choose your level of involvement.

Your dedicated team have their own space and the tools they need to do the job, including PC’s and enterprise software from Microsoft.  Your offshore team live and breathe your business and your objectives are top of mind.

Service levels are defined, agreed and driven by our experienced management team. Custom reporting gives you an up to date view of their performance, productivity and quality.


No matter which service model you opt for, we can assure you that your skilled and experienced team members are dedicated to your business and will move to the beat of your drum, they follow your processes and adhere to your internal policies, essentially becoming an extension of your business.

We look after all employee related obligations, so you don’t need to worry about that.


Not sure which service model to choose? 

Download our quick reference guide on what to consider


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