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We make the technology your business needs, work for you.


Digitally transforming your business is easier than it sounds, and we’ll make sure you have mastery of your new system, before putting it in your hands.

Mastering your digital side gives you an edge and helps your business run more effectively, making you more competitive and agile.

Our services include:

  • Microsoft Dynamics: Empower employees, optimise operations, transform products and engage customers.
  • Multidimensional Reporting: Insights-As-A-Service.
  • Consultancy: Get to know your business from the inside, and help you build.
  • Marketplace: Coming soon
  • Social Media: Get online with the latest platforms to stay in touch with your customers.

From start to finish

Whether you need a slight system upgrade, an overhaul, or you’re starting from scratch, hammerjack’s experts can lead you through the process from start to finish. We guarantee we won’t leave you high and dry with new systems that you don’t know how to use.


take the first step

We have service models and pricing options to suit your business.