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Data security is always front of mind at hammerjack.  Our approach to securing our customers data is aligned with the strictest legislation, policies and practises.

Information security policy and practices are aligned with ASIC, PCS DSS, Australian Privacy Law 1988 and Australian Privacy Principles.  Our information security self-assessment checklist (ISSAC) ensures that data security is always front of mind across every role in our business.  


Physical Security

Physical security controls and measures, minimize the risk of unauthorized access to our site and restricted areas including:

– Access to production and sensitive areas controlled by biometric readers
– Tight restrictions on server room access, access log and access audit.
– Photo IDs for all employees; no ID, no access
– Strategically placed CCTV cameras monitor all areas
– 24/7 security personnel
– Visitor access protocol and log book controls

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Information Security

hammerjack’s information security policy outlines steps and measures taken to secure sensitive information.  The policy outlines the responsibilities of hammerjack employees.

– Staff training on policies and responsibilities
– Role based user access restricts access to sensitive customer data, websites, email and – No bags, paper, pens, recording devices or mobile phones in sensitive areas.  Personal lockers are provided away from the production area.
– Limited PC functionality and accesses locked at a unit level, including USB ports, CD drive, cut and paste and snipping tool


Self-Assessment and Audit

hammerjack’s Information Security Self-Assessment Checklist Or ISSAC, safeguards hammerjack and our customer’s data against theft or manipulation, by continuously monitoring behaviours and compliance to IT and Information Security policies.

– Monitors employee behaviours and compliance to access and usage policies
– Educates and assesses hammerjack employees understanding
– Performs physical checks of employee work stations, email accounts and shared drives
– Performs checks of physical security mechanisms such as access systems and cameras
– Assesses and identifies risk areas


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