How to worry less, work easier, and work together.


As a Cloud Services Partner, hammerjack works together with Microsoft to deliver the best products for their customers. Office 365 is a cloud based product which offers many benefits including versatility, adaptability, and flexibility.

There are three core principles that hammerjack considers when offering Office 365 as a solution – worry less, work easier, and work together.

First, worry less. Security is one of the most important features that businesses look for when considering a solution. Your company’s devices and data should be 100% secure and protected from corruption. Data security is an essential aspect for every business whatever the size and type, however its especially important for small and mid-sized businesses who can’t afford a specialized IT department to manage it. Office 365 offers that security.

Next, work easier. Office 365 includes all the usual Office applications that you know and have been using for a long time now, but with added features and applications that run only in the cloud. You’ll now have the capability to access all these familiar applications any where on any device at any time.

Finally, work together. Office 365 gives you the flexibility to easily access and edit documents in real time across devices and platforms (so you and your team are always working with one version of the truth). You’ll receive a real collaboration boost from knowing you can share documents securely and hold productive meetings from multiple locations.

Microsoft Office 365 has been in the market since 2011 and a lot of small and mid-size businesses have already made the move and are reaping the benefits. To find out more connect with one of our specialists today.