Collaborate Without Boundaries

Collaborate without boundaries.png

Content and data can get messy especially when you’re a small to medium-sized business. Staying organised while keeping people updated and keeping information safe can be challenging.

Business here at hammerjack demands a lot of collaboration from our team members. We needed a tool to keep us above the chaos and to work in alignment with our goals. We were able to do it with Microsoft SharePoint.

Now for the good news: You can too.

Here are the benefits SharePoint can give your business.

1.  Document management is made easy

Collaboration in real-time is what SharePoint’s document management system is all about. You can work simultaneously with your team using cloud-based documents. Plus, you can see who’s working on what, so you know what everyone is up to. One real benefit that we love is that you can access and download past versions of the document too! Nothing is ever lost.

2. Security is at the highest

Only you can grant access to the people that you want. You can set a limited period for them too. Information is safe because the Microsoft servers make sure that no one can see or use it without your permission. You don’t have to worry about people outside your organisation hacking into the system because SharePoint is a cloud-based intranet service.

3. We’re always updated

SharePoint won’t let us worry about what’s happening. Reminders and alerts are there when a meeting is set, as well as deadlines for tasks. Sync and recovery are also just a click away in SharePoint. You don’t have to manually upload and sync every document into the site because SharePoint and our Microsoft Office apps do it for you.

4. Bring everything wherever you go

Whether you’re on vacation or traveling for work, you’ll have everything with you. That’s because SharePoint is compatible across all devices – laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. You can download your files, work on them offline, and sync them to SharePoint when you go online. Your data is with you any time and anywhere.

As a Cloud Services Partner with Microsoft, hammerjack can help you realise these benefits for your business too. We have experts who are more than happy to help.