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your dedicated team managed by you


Your dedicated team, sourced and supported by us, managed your way, following your processes, working to the beat of your drum.

You’re in Control


Your dedicated people, your way of working, your return on investment.


Up to 70% savings on skilled and experience resources.


We take care of all employee related matters, so you don’t need to




Managed by you

From $4.50/hour


Key benefits include:

We find the best skilled and experienced resources based on your tasks and functions.

Your culture, processes and expectations are transitioned and embedded by you and your team. We provide training rooms and video link technology. You may want to visit and train your team yourself, no problem.  

Your dedicated team have their own space and the tools they need to do the job, including PC’s and enterprise software from Microsoft.

We provide attendance reporting and can will help and support you in managing the performance of your team.

Service levels are defined by you, achieved by your team and reported when you need.


You drive your team, we’ll take care of everything else

  • Dedicated area
  • Desktop PC with dual monitors with Microsoft E3 O365 suite
  • Facilities (pantry, training rooms, R&R area and other commons areas)
  • Power with full UPS

  • Data connection from dual suppliers

  • Physical security
  • Data Security & compliance
  • Payroll processing
  • Recruitment
  • AUS based account managers
  • Attendance reporting


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